Reader Note

Welcome to the website of the children's book, "Tales From The Glades of Ballymore". Here you will meet the animal residents of Ballymore and experience their many adventures with them. I hope the book offers a pleasant diversion for everyone during these difficult times.

This online book is optimized for the Google Chrome browser. It can be read on other browsers, but all features may not be available.

In this book my goal was to use vocabulary appropriate for readers at least eight years old. If it is being read to younger children, you may wish to explain some words or thoughts to them.

Also, the underlying theme of the book is the ‘Golden Rule’. If, by some miracle, the people of the world could live by the Golden Rule, everyone would benefit as the animal residents of Ballymore have.

For adult readers with open hearts, I hope that the book brings back fond memories of magical times from your childhood.

If you have any questions or comments about this site or the Ballymore residents, please contact me at:

info (at) ballymoretales (dot) com


DM on Twitter: @JabberwockyDays


Bob & Selma Brooks
The Netherlands
5 April, 2020

P.S. If you have family or friends with younger children, perhaps you could mention this book to them. Thank you.