Residents - 1892
Bartholomew Owl is the beloved councillor of Ballymore. He has lived in his treehouse, on the north shore of Ballymore pond, for many years.

Brigit Badger (Dr. Brigit) and her adopted son, Puff Cat, live next to Bartholomew.She is the Ballymore doctor and specialises in herbal medicine.

Petunia Porcupine lives on the northwest shore next to Dr. Brigit. She grows fruits and vegetables in her large garden and orchard. She also makes scrumptious baked goodies.

Wilde and Wilder Weasel are brothers. They are the mischievous, unofficial security guards for Ballymore and live on the west shore.

Malcolm and Maeve Mole and their children, Melrose and Merwin, live on the southwest shore. They dig tunnels, foundations, and other excavations.

Grenby Groundhog is Ballymore’s eccentric weather forecaster for nine months a year (he sleeps the other three). His small hut is next to the moles’ cottage.

Reginald and Rhonda Rabbit and their children, Robbie, Rachel, and Rain, live on the south shore. They assemble beautiful flower baskets and bouquets from their large flower garden. Reginald is the Ballymore tailor and cobbler.

Sedgewick and Sofie Squirrel and their children, Shane and Seely, live on the south shore next to the rabbits. They construct roofs for Ballymore cottages and other buildings.

Charles and Cheryl Chipmunk and their children, Colin, Conner, and Craig are helpers. They will help with almost anything if they are not playing. They live next to the squirrels on the south shore.

Farley and Fionna Frog and their children, Finnilly (Finn) and Faith, live on the southeast shore. They are the wonderful Ballymore artists. Finn is a pal of the weasels.

Sam Snapping Turtle lives on the southeast shore. He is a life-guard at the Launching Tree and helps with transportation.

Burton and Beatrice Beaver and their children, Birch, Birk, and Belva, build the excellent Ballymore cottages and other structures. They live across the creek from the frogs on the southeast shore.

Morris Muskrat builds furniture for the residents and lives on the northeast shore. He is one of Bartholomew’s best friends.

Bartley and Bree Bluebird and their children, Branna, Britt, and Brie operate the very efficient Ballymore messenger service. Their treehouse is next to Morris on the northeast shore.

Devon and Dahlia Duck and their children, Declan, Darma, and Deirdre, transport goods and residents around Ballymore on their raft. They live on the east end of the island.

Stoddard and Sean Swan procure needed goods for the residents from afar. They live in the centre of the island.

Jonathon Owl and his son, Oliver live next to the Library on the island. They teach and publish the weekly Ballymore Tale.